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The Man Factory: Technology and Public Issues
    I'll book you both for my Colony; you'll like it there; it's a Factory where I'm going to turn groping and grubbing automata into men.
    Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
    This section of Levinson Productivity Systems' Web site is devoted to the use of technology to advance individual and economic freedom. It is designed to be similar to the public issue ads that large corporations sometimes publish on the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal.
  1. A lean enterprise model for music distribution, to make the existing recording industry irrelevent.
    • Some people in the recording industry want the government to install software and/or hardware in all new computers ("policeware") to prevent the owners from copying sound recordings, or exchanging them (e.g. through Napster). I receive royalties from intellectual property myself and I do not condone piracy in any form. However, the government has no more right to put monitoring software in your computer than it has to put a camera in your living room (or bedroom). Since elements of the recording industry (e.g. RIAA) are advocating such a course of action, perhaps it is time for them to become, as Star Trek's Borg might put it, irrelevant-- and this business model should be a good start.
  2. The Kyoto Global Warming Treaty: a recipe for economic disaster, and it won't fix the problem (if it exists)
  3. Frivolous lawsuits against firearm manufacturers
    • An overview of some of the deceptive and fraudulent arguments that are being used in lawsuits against firearm manufacturers
    • As Mark Twain said, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. Defense attorneys: I am probably qualified to supply expert testimony against some of the statistical arguments that are being used by gun control organizations (e.g. when the latter act as co-counsels or friends of the court).
  4. Improving health care with industrial productivity and quality methods
  5. Labor Relations and Manufacturing e.g. longshoremen lockout of 2002 (ILWU versus PMA)
  6. Information for informed consumers: how to get your money's worth in bad economic times.
    • Don't pay brand name prices for Chinese-made commodities
    • Don't waste money on extended warranties
  7. How to Block Web Sites from Your Computer
    • Eliminate pop-up ads, video pre-roll ads, and other clutter and unwanted content. Remove clutter from Facebook. Also block sites you do not want children or employees to use.
  8. NEW (AUGUST 2016): EpiPen alternatives for as little as $10 (a doctor's prescription is required)