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  • New (2002) Henry Ford's Lean Vision: Enduring Principles from the First Ford Motor Plant
  • Levinson, The Way of Strategy
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  • Levinson and Tumbelty, SPC Essentials and Productivity Improvement: A Manufacturing Approach
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  • Levinson (editor), Leading the Way to Competitive Excellence: The Harris Mountaintop Case Study
  • Levinson, ISO 9000 at the Front Line
  • NEW (2002) Levinson and Rerick, Lean Enterprise: A Synergistic Approach for Minimizing Waste
  • Levinson (contributing author) in Rose and Buckley, Self-Directed Work Teams: A Trainer's Role in the Transition

SPC for processes with nonnormal distributions, nested normal distributions, and other non-textbook situationsHenry Ford's lean enterprise system, American origins of lean manufacturingBooks by W. A. Levinson, and recommended books by othersUse ISO 9000 to make money Henry Ford showed that ISO 14000 is not only free but profitable.Books by W. A. Levinson, and recommended books by othersBooks by W. A. Levinson, and recommended books by others

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